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Investment philosophy

The companies that comprise the DADGLOBAL share an investment philosophy designed to help long-term investors succeed in reaching their goals:

  • Consistent approach
  • Our investment philosophy is based on doing what we believe is right for investors. We base all our decisions on a long-term perspective, because we believe it's the best way to help investors achieve their financial goals. Our investment professionals are highly experienced and have managed investor savings through good times and bad.

  • System
  • We will develop an original approach to investment management that blends teamwork with individual accountability. Each fund or mandate is divided into portions that are managed efficiently. An extensive global research effort is the backbone of this system. “Superior long-term”

  • Approach
  • For most investors, results are paramount. We believe it's important to measure results over meaningful periods of time. Our core investment perception is based on this premise and we strive to incorporate a long term partnership approach into any investment agreement were possible.

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