Unknown persons cut down electric pole at Yilo Krobo. Can this be a revenge to ECG?


    Seth Tetteh, Assembly Member for Okwenya, confirmed the event.

    “Our village was not affected by the ECG cut-off in the two Krobo Municipalities; Lower Manya and Yilo Krobo Municipalities, although we are part of Yilo Krobo.” “I awoke to discover one electric power pole down, probably with a chain saw,” he explained.

    Mr. Tetteh went on to say that authorities from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the military were inspecting the power pole in the Okwenya neighbourhood.

    “The ECG manager and some military officials came to inspect the power pole; they promised us that the police would be in our neighbourhood.” “We’re hoping they’ll come and fix the pole for us,” he stated.

    The electric pole is one of many that connect electricity from Akuse to Aseseaso and aid in the pumping of water to the AKorley Water Station.

    situation remains, those who rely on water from the Akorley water plant will face a double crisis of no electricity and no water.

    The ECG has stopped power to the Lower Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo municipalities for 10 days because of safety concerns for their employees.

    Residents, health care facilities, companies, and senior high schools are in dire need of fuel to operate generators in order to survive.

    The local economy is likewise slowing, and citizens’ inability to cope with the power outage is psychologically torturous.

    A series of meetings between local leaders, ECG management, and the Energy Ministry have yet to yield a peaceful solution to the standoff.

    Source: 3news.com

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