Some Of Our MP’s Can’t Even Recite It: Reactions As Simona Osei Recites National Pledge


    Children of these days do not seize to amaze people. Theirs actions and attitudes sometimes make people wonder if it’s their dead grandparents who have been reincarnated. This is because, the rate at which these children can do certain things would leave you in a state of shock and confusion.

    When it comes to children of celebrities who always put smiles on the faces of people in this country, Simona Osei cannot be left out. Simona, as we all know, is the daughter of Ghanaian rapper Strongman Burner. This girl always has something new to show Ghanaians.

    If she is not singing, then she is probably reciting some words she learnt from school or even the house. Anytime Ghanaians come across her videos, they gush over them.

    In a recent video of Simona Osei which is already going viral, the little girl can be seen and heard reciting the national pledge.

    The national pledge is undoubtedly one of the things one can easily forget as he grows. Especially in the tertiary institutions where there is nothing like assembly where national anthem and pledge are recited, ot sometimes becomes difficult to remember some of the words.

    Simona did so well in reciting the pledge. Looking at how a two year old girl of her calibre could recite the national pledge, netizens could not but applaud her.

    One user by name kofigwap commented and said “some of our MP’s can’t even recite it”. The comments go on and on. Check out some of them;

    Kindly click on the link below to watch the video of Simona Osei reciting the national pledge;

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