Why I sacked my 72 pastors


Bishop Obinim

Minister of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has sacked 72 of his pastors as he embarks on a ministerial reshuffle in his church.

When the news went rife, rumours were that there was a betrayal incident in his church, for which he is sacking all his ‘Judases’.

But, subtly replying the news in a latest service, Bishop Obinim revealed the pastors were laid off because they lost touch with what the church stands for.

According to him, the 72 pastors have been laid off to find new work to do aside the ministry, because they were not beneficial to his church.

Bishop Obinim revealed that he doesn’t need pastors he only needs gifted, talented and wise leaders around him, those who will use their wisdom to flourish his church.

About 15 pastors have been retained to continue the work of God, and these 15, Bishop Obinim said are perfectly doing the work of the 72, making him realise he was keeping quantity, not quality.

He disclosed that he spends about GHS 120,000 on these pastors, yet they were not fruitful.

Currently, every branch of the International God’s Way Church has only one leader, except his main Kumasi branch where he has retained three pastors.


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