The best smart phone in the world-TOP 10 best phones available

The best smart phone in the world. TOP 10 best phones.
The best smart phone in the world. TOP 10 best phones.


Modern phone models are smart gadgets with their own operating system and many functions, and the best touchscreen phones of 2020 are flagship technological devices that are suitable not only for communication, but also for work, surfing the Internet, listening to your favorite tracks, watching videos. games, etc. Before you buy a new product, it is worth considering some parameters. Our ranking of the 10 best phones will help you choose the best phone .


The best smartphones of 2020-2021

Of the smartphones presented at the end of 2020, beginning of 2021, the leader is the model of the most popular brand in the world.


Important information!

Absolutely deservedly the first position in the presented rating is occupied by the Apple brand device – iPhone 12 Pro Max.×Dismiss the warning

🥇 1st place: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (Best Smartphone 2020 “Breakthrough of the Year”)

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Display : OLED 6.7 ″ 2778 × 1284.

Processor : Apple A14 Bionic.

RAM / ROM (GB) : 6/512.

Rear camera : 12MP 2.50x F / 2.40 ultra wide-angle, 12MP F / 1.60 wide-angle, 12MP F / 2.20 telephoto.

Front camera : 12 MP.

Weight : 226 g.



The branded shell of the device has gone through a modernization process. The developers have changed both external and internal elements. The model is covered with a protective coating Ceramic Shield, which, today, is stronger than any glass for a smartphone . Thanks to this, the device is resistant to mechanical damage. In the manufacture of the display, the developers embedded ceramic crystals into the matrix using crystallization, which took place at a very high temperature. For the rear panel, the manufacturer used the same technology.


The world’s first transparent glass-ceramic is a “kind of shield”, so the smartphone is provided with excellent protection against scratches, cracks and other mechanical damage . The design of the front of the model is flush with the body. This feature several times reduces the likelihood of screen damage in the event of a fall. The manufacturer gives a guarantee that the phone is provided with additional protection for one hundred percent .




The module designed for visual display of information in the smartphone has been improved against the background of the eleventh model. The designers have increased the diagonal by two inches and equipped the screen with OLED technology .


Thanks to the LED matrix, the screen does not need backlighting, it perfectly displays black color. The display size is 3840 by 2160 pixels with a density of 458 pixels per inch .


The module is inferior to the flagship Huawei P40 Pro + with a resolution of 2640×1200 pixels, but it is one step higher than the new product from Samsung – Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with a resolution of 3200×1440 pixels, however, comparing these three Prime gadgets, it is simply impossible to notice the difference, since all video content is displayed on High Definition or Full HD standards .


Comparing the ergonomics of the display among the three favorites, the 12 Pro Max stands out with a flatter screen that is easier to use, while the competitors have rounded corners, so there are more random touches when using these smartphones.




Separate praise deserves the introduction of innovative technologies in the creation of cameras by Apple developers. The smartphone has a 12MP Pro three-chamber design . The system includes: extra wide, wide angle and telephoto module.


Even when taking photographs at night or in low light in the room, the pictures will be bright and high quality. Thanks to the built-in OLED LED matrix, the wide-angle camera captures light much better .


Optical stabilization OIS, working in tandem with the matrix, makes it possible to take a clear photo and video even in cases where hands are shaking from frost when shooting, while running or driving.




The six-core A14 Bionic chipset , which is the heart of the device, is made using microcircuits based on 5 nanometers. The elements of processor chips are so small that they can only be compared to atoms . They have 11.8 billion semiconductor triodes built into them, so such a chipset will work much faster.


It also saves battery power and is capable of video processing and Dolby Vision , which enhances the viewing experience by optimizing the HDR image display. This option is currently not available even to many models of professional video cameras, let alone other touchscreen phones. The model is made in three variations of memory capacity: 512, 256 and 128 gigabytes .



high-quality display created using a unique technology;

immunity to shock and mechanical damage;

innovative chipset;

excellent camera system.


very high price.

🥈 2nd place: Apple iPhone 12 Pro

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Display : OLED 6.1 ″ 2532 × 1170.

Processor : Apple A14 Bionic.

RAM / ROM (GB) : 6/512.

Rear camera : 12MP 2x F / 2.40 ultra wide-angle, 12MP F / 1.60 wide-angle, 12MP F / 2 telephoto.

Front camera : 12 MP.

Weight : 187 g.



Unlike previous models, the 12 Pro has been redesigned dramatically . The device looks like a hybrid from the previous lines of iPhone 4 and 5. The idea of ​​the developers, to return the appearance that distinguished the models of the previous generation, was a success. The gadget feels completely different in the hand.


The tactile perception of the device is more similar to the XS model than to the previous new 11 Pro, while it is worth noting that the dimensions of the smartphone have been increased by only a couple of millimeters, but it feels noticeably larger than its predecessor.


Despite the fact that the device is only two millimeters longer than last year’s bestseller from Apple, the rest of the dimensions are almost identical to the iPhone 11 Pro. The novelty is thinner, although it seems quite the opposite. This feature is associated with the design of the faces, which are pointed and flat in the model. 11 Pro is made with rounded lines, which makes it appear thinner .