Tips to Save Time and Improve Workflow

Having time to create personal work or produce faster to meet your client’s expectations and be able to deal with more than one is a recurring thing that does not have an exact formula on how to achieve it.

However, there are some methods and processes that can help you have this time optimization and, consequently, develop skills to be more agile.

Understand the difference between being a “designer artist” and a “designer artist”

We often build our process according to the ideal job we would like to offer.

Sometimes we immerse ourselves in various researches , our own methodologies , creation of visual boards and many other ways to deliver the best project.

But, it is important to understand that, your time is money and that the customer does not always expect something as complex as that.

We need to balance what would be “the best of both worlds”, where you understand what your client’s expectation and demand and how much he is willing to invest , without leaving aside his creative capacity but considering the time he will have to to develop.

We need to understand that getting the job done efficiently and getting the job done satisfactorily can be two different things.

Evaluate your options. Understand what your client is expecting from you, so that you will be able to determine a fair value to meet his expectations without exceeding your estimated working time for the project.

You can be creative and efficient at the same time.🙂

To save time: create, first of all, in your head!

Having an idea of ​​what you would like to apply to your projects helps you to look for ways and references that will facilitate at the time of execution.

For example, let’s consider the time you save while in a meeting with your client. Receive the briefing and, at the same time, let the ideas flow in your head – a process that can help you earn extra hours.

One way to be able to work this out on you is to always have references , even if you don’t have a project to think about and create. Feeding on creative sources will leave you one step ahead to start your projects.

And, depending on the creative professional type you are, scribble whatever you’re thinking – even the most insane and meaningless ideas, it can help you at some point or in some way that you don’t even expect.

Consider your working time

Not everything you will be able to create from scratch, and within your processes it is always good to have a card up your sleeve.

What would that card up your sleeve be to save time?

Using free or paid sites to purchase graphic materials, images, helps you save more time within the project.

For example: we know that creating icons from scratch and with a unique identity are super cool. So, if your demand allows you to do this, respecting your time, the client’s and if the budget value is corresponding, just go!

But, if your project needs to be delivered on a tight deadline, you can use these resources to deliver a quality project.

Have a process and resources up your sleeve

Having a process of your own before starting any project helps to optimize time as well.

Find out where to look for references, what materials can support your work and what tools are essential when fulfilling the role within what was asked to facilitate when it comes to producing.

Here we have a very nice article with 50 reference tools and utilities for designers .

In addition, it is important to receive a good briefing from your client.

That way, you will avoid noise when creating, you will also avoid excesses of changes and you will be able to deliver the project with plenty of time and in a much more assertive way!

If you don’t know how to create a briefing for your client, we have a briefing template ready here (you can customize it however you want).


The more experience you have, the more comfortable you develop your projects.

Experience, even though it is a process, also requires time.

So, be critical of your work especially early in your career.

Understand where you need to improve and how you can streamline your processes within the day to day to avoid frustrations .

Did you like it? Tell us what are your creative methods and processes to save time.🙂