5 Worst Mistakes Freelance Designers Make

The life of a freelance designer is not a sea of ​​flowers, and if you are one of them, you may already know.

The path is not always easy, and sometimes we do things we don’t want to do, or we stop doing something just to get the customer.

I comment here on 5 mistakes that freelance designers make , and some that I myself have already gone through and that I would like to use as an example to always do better.

You may not have made these mistakes, but it is a good idea to learn from those who have already suffered from them. 😉

Below market price

Many of us have done this once in our lives, some still do. We know that money can be a tricky subject to discuss, but you should be careful when charging.

You have studied, worked, accumulated experience and knowledge, spent your time and have every right to charge a fair price for your work .

If the customer questions your price, show them that your work is worth every penny. You are not the nephew designer, you have your value and your time is worth money.

If left to be monopolized

Paying well or not, no customer has the right to monopolize their time. When a customer takes all of his time he becomes your boss, not a customer.

Allowing a customer to dictate their hours can be the worst mistake to make, especially after the term of the contract is over.

The ideal is to talk to your client and make it clear how your work method works, what hours you work a day, and what days of the week you will be available.

Do you work for 4 hours in the afternoon? Let him know. Don’t work on the weekend? Let him know. Respect between the two must always exist. Make it very clear, always.

Failing to sell

The next worst part for most people is “selling your own fish”. That is, knowing how to sell yourself and your services.

The client will ask you for help. But in fact, they often don’t really know what they want.

If you are willing to help him, respond by offering your services so that he feels welcomed. Try to understand about the company and its needs, and make the most of it. The secret is: listening more than talking.

Do a good research on your company or product , in all aspects that you think necessary.

Most take a long time before they start refusing orders , perhaps because of the unstable financial life.

You have to remember that a bad deal, or bad customer, can hurt you much more than losing a job.

Be prepared not to agree with everything that comes to you.

And you can also be nice and friendly even if you don’t agree all the time.

Give lots of information

Clients have no idea what freelancers do.

If the customer wants a website, he will hire someone, and all he will care about is seeing the page working and seeing his beautiful website online exactly the way he wanted it.

But some make the mistake of describing each step of the job, the detailed creation plan, each idea or sketch, even before the contract.

Be careful, as he can take all of that information and ideas and get someone else who charges less. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.

If you teach your client how to create a website, you are self-sabotaging yourself.

So don’t expose all your ideas, don’t teach him to do his job.

When you’re talking to your customer, be honest and answer their questions, but know when to stop, even if you’re a potential customer.

I hope the tips help!