How to Start Freelancing and Organize Your Routine

Talking like that seems like a simple thing! But there are many challenges in the life of freelancers .

The decisions and solutions to be made depend solely on you .

But do not worry!

If you want to be a freelancer, this is the post that will help you with tips and ideas to organize your financial life, your routine, bureaucracy to start working as a freelancer .

Starting to freelance

You need, first of all, to understand your professional level.

Getting started as a freelancer can be a little chaotic at first. Not knowing how to charge your client and stipulate your working time is normal. But in addition, you need to understand your limitations and ambitions.

You won’t always get super-incredible projects to put in your portfolio. But the projects can help you improve your techniques and skills , in addition to generating a little money and giving you some experience that can boost your entry into the life of freela.

Choose to have the experience of working allocated or having a steady job before freelancing

You need experience! Start working for someone before working for you.

Understand what your difficulties are and improve them.

Connect with people and take advantage of all the knowledge they can share with you. Networking is everything!

In addition to helping your professional growth, it helps you to mature and evolve in level, but it also gives you the opportunity to show people your work and be remembered for it.

Who knows in the future the opportunity for freela may not be yours?

Learn how to organize your routine

Having a routine for those who have a steady job is normal, but for those who are freelancers, sometimes it can get out of their control and even not even exist.

You can start by thinking like this:

  • Determine how many hours you want to work each day;
  • Try to organize your day’s tasks. It can be on lists if you prefer – Austin Kleon in his book Keep Going , talks about how lists can help you be more creative and how to make your day flow better;
  • Look for references before you start.  Having ways to solve your problem can help you better visualize what needs to be done and how it can be done;
  • You are not a robot! Take breaks, have coffee, stretch. Productivity needs to roll, but you also need to take care of your body. Create a sustainable career !

Organizing finances

As a freelancer, the tide will not always be for fish! You will experience phases of uncertainty and anxiety especially when you don’t have a freela in sight.

So it is important to learn how to organize your financial life , have an emergency reserve and save when necessary.

Illustration: Lucas Sales

I have listed three profiles on Instagram below that will help you understand how to plan your money, cut expenses and have guarantees when the going gets tough !

  • Graninhas : nothing like learning finance in a fun way, right? And that is how this profile addresses the subject!
  • Bulletins : Needing a little push to understand where to minimize spending? Boletinhos gives you!
  • Nath Finance : teaching you how to organize finances with low income!

Bureaucracy does not have to be boring!

And you need to learn that as a freelancer or a regular employee.

Create a contract to guarantee your safety and that of your client, learn how to set up a proposal, have a CNPJ or MEI, understand what are the best options to invest your money, phew!

It’s a lot, that doesn’t have to happen simultaneously, but that you need to put your attention on. If you want to know more about MEI, we have a practical guide on how to create a MEI for freelance designers.

Illustration: Maya Ish-Shalom

So here’s a tip of 4 downloads files created by Freela School of contract model (for BR and the gringa!) And proposed to get you started or evolve in his work as a freelancer.