TOP 10 Sites for Finding Freelance Work

In the case of those who are designers, the famous freelas are even more important.

But where can freelancers find work?

Undoubtedly the internet collaborates a lot in this search. However, the reliability of the sites always raises doubts.

So, follow the list we have prepared below and start your freelance work right away!

Best sites for finding freelance work:

  • 99Freelas;
  • GetNinjas;
  • ComunicaGeral;
  • Plataforma Rock Content;
  • Freelance Web Designer;
  • UpWork;
  • Workana;
  • Designhill;
  • Fiverr.



The main bonus of 99Freelas is to be a national website .

Thanks to this you have much easier payment and also to communicate.

But that is not all: this is one of the most used sites today for those looking to hire a freelancer. And I speak this from my own experience, as it is the site I use the most.

In addition to being an intuitive website, 99Freelas allows a number of facilities and advantages:

  • Talk to the professional / contractor;
  • Job search by well-divided areas;
  • Filter proposals;
  • Secure payment within 7 days;
  • Portfolio inserted in your profile;
  • References in the profile of each person.

Among the disadvantages, what bothers me most about 99Freelas is the fact that it is very difficult to close a deal if you do not purchase a paid plan. This is because those who do not pay must wait more than 24 hours to send the proposal.

Despite this, I always recommend 99Freelas as the first site for those just starting out.

Jobs for designers range from opportunities for beginners to experienced professionals.


This site is newer, but very comprehensive. In fact, this is his advantage: you can find or offer services of all kinds.

There is everything from housework to classes, consulting and, of course, design .

One of the advantages is that you can choose services close to you, if you prefer.

On the other hand, it is not as dynamic as other existing sites. That is, it will probably take you longer to close a deal.

Despite this, it is a reliable site that receives a lot of access daily. Still, it grows more every day, so it is a good bet.

This is the old Prolancer, a well-known site for freelance work.

It is well used by large companies and is a great website for designers. In addition to new jobs daily, it offers other advantages :

  • Payments are secure until you send them to your account;
  • International opportunities;
  • Differentiated plans;
  • Requires prepayment;
  • Option of contests of ideas.

It’s worth knowing: the site has already experienced professionals. So it may not be the best option for those just starting out.


Designers, journalists, programmers, among other professionals in the creative fields can opt for ComunicaGeral.

The website is national and allws the disclosure of its portfolio and is also indicated for those looking for a job.

Although it is widely used, which is a positive point, it is not as intuitive as the others. What I feel when I enter it is that it has a lot of information and you cannot understand how it works easily.

Anyway, it is a great option for those who are just starting out.

In addition, the free option of the plans is very interesting.

Plataforma Rock Content

One of the most suitable freelance work platforms for those starting out is that of Rock Content . However, you need to pass a test before signing up , which I found particularly tiring.

The positive side is that there are many opportunities for creative areas such as design.

You also get a lot of support from Rock Content and even participate in free courses. So it is a good opportunity to start your work as a freelancer!

Freelance Web Designer

The site is exclusively dedicated to freelancers of Web Designer.

But he goes further: there are also effective job vacancies in Brazil.

Despite being widely used by professionals in the field, something I consider negative is that the site is a little “amateur”.

What does that mean? That it may not be as secure as the others and offers fewer tools.



Among international platforms , UpWork stands out.

The positive side is almost obvious: you find opportunities from all over the world and you can even receive them in dollars.

However, I, in particular, find it very complicated to use platforms like this because the level of demand is very high. So, if you are a beginner designer, for example, this site may not be worth as much.

Like others, it also filters who can register.

And I can say: the process is tiring and difficult to understand its criteria.


Among the most popular and old freelance sites, Workana has a lot of membership.

Personally, it is one of my favorites , because despite being international he has opportunities at all levels.

In addition, there are many companies that hire freelancers through Workana.

Workana has other advantages:

  • Secure payment;
  • Intuitive website;
  • Well-explained proposals;
  • References from previous works.

Meets proposals mainly from South America, but there are also others from Europe and Asia.


Who is a designer can do very well in Designhill.

The website is not Brazilian, so you must know how to communicate in English.

In addition to the positive point of being focused on an area, on this website you can work from the various aspects of design.

It is great especially for those who produce logos or prints, for example.


Fiverr is gaining more space in Brazil today, but it is also in English.

It is a very reliable and inspiring site as well, as you can follow several works on it.

A positive point is that you can sell some of your standard creations or be contacted by a professional who needs a specific job. So, it is an option for those who are starting.

Of course, sites in this profile can take a long time to make a quicker financial return. However, you can make a good portfolio out of it.