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The Expert Photography  website If you already have camera equipment and accessories and just want to learn better ways to take photos, Expert Photography is the site that you should not miss. He has guides on learning all types of photography, including wedding photography, food photography, astrophotography, portrait photography and more.

DIY Photography As the site name suggests,  “DIY photography” is all about being creative and getting the most out of the camera system. It is a really good place to start if you want to learn photography tips and tricks.
You will not only learn how to use your camera here, but you will also learn about photo editing and photo manipulation
Tutorials and Tips

How to use your camera’s flash ?

To use a flash correctly can be tricky. If you are manually adjusting the exposure, you will find that it is particularly true. With this guide, you will learn how to use internal and external flashes.

How to hold a camera?

While it may seem unnecessary to go through a guide that teaches you how to hold a camera, you will be surprised to learn how many of us are handling the camera in the wrong way.
Whether standing, crouching or even sitting, this guide helps to maintain a proper posture allowing you to shoot for a long time.

You may have heard a lot about it, but I never knew how it is possible to improve the composition of the image. This guide not only explains what it is, but also explains how to implement the rule of thirds exactly.

How to take clear pictures ?

Higher megapixels do not always result in sharper pictures. There are many things that can be adjusted to get the sharpest images. The lens, the aperture you set, the ISO, the camera body you used and many other factors together determine your final shot. Go through the guide to become a master at taking sharp pictures.

Understanding Digital Cameras


A New Photographer’s Primary Guide to Camera Settings

Anyone new to digital photography will benefit from this guide. It details all the basic settings of a digital camera and tells you exactly when to use them.

25 Common photography terms for beginners

You may have heard words like bokeh, focal length, shoe, measurement, etc. being spoken by professional photographers without being aware of it. This guide details the specific terms of common photography that all photographers should know.

Camera modes explained for beginners

If you’re wondering what all the different modes on your camera’s display do, you should definitely check out this feature. It explains modes such as sport mode, beauty mode and night portrait model that can be easily understood even by beginners.

A Quick Guide to Understanding Camera Buttons

You will be impressed by the number of buttons that a manufacturer can place on a camera body. With so many features now available on a digital camera , it’s no surprise that they are a bunch of buttons, but a physical button or a touch control button.
This quick guide specifies the functions of all buttons on a digital camera . Note that your camera may not have a specific button, as shown in the guide. However, the function may still be present buried in the camera’s settings.

Camera exposure explained

Setting the correct exposure is crucial for taking good pictures. Once you understand this guide, you will have a lot more control over your camera.

Tips for dealing with digital camera


How to avoid the dirty camera sensor?

The last thing you want on your camera is a dirty sensor. Although it is a part that is not exposed to the external environment, you can still get it dirty, especially when changing lenses. And if you have stains on your sensor, it won’t be easy to clean it.
The guide provides tips and tricks that detail how you can always keep your camera’s sensor clean. If you already have a camera with a dirty sensor, the guide will help you to clean the right way.

How to clean your lens and filters?

When you use your camera, it gets dirty. Not only the camera body, but the lens will also become dirty. If you follow the tips in this link, you will spend less time cleaning your glass and more time taking quality photos.

How to protect your camera?

There is no avoiding the fact that the cameras are expensive. Even a decent digital camera will work for a few hundred dollars. So, you probably want to protect it to avoid setbacks. In this guide, you will learn how to protect your camera system, even those that are not robust.

Professional photographers to follow

Tony Northrup e Chelsea Northrup

Tony Northrup e Chelsea Northrup

If you’re just getting into the game of photography , you should check out Tony & Chelsea Northrup’s YouTube channel. They constantly make videos about how you can improve your photography skills. In addition, if you are looking to buy new camera equipment, you will love your unbiased reviews. You can also find Tony Northrup and Chelsea Northrup on Instagram. They also run the website .