Best ways to learn photographt in 2021

We receive many emails daily. “How do I learn photography without spending money?”, “Is it worth taking photography courses?”, “Should I go to photography school?”, Are common questions that are part of these emails.

To try to help you, we will answer these questions based on our experiences. Come with us!


It is very common to receive e-mails from people who are extremely interested in our courses, but who cannot invest because they are experiencing financial difficulties or because they are unemployed, but look, this should not be a reason for discouragement or a reason to leave your dream for over there. We know very well how complicated this situation is, but here are some tips for you to get around the lack of money:


Reading your camera manual will ensure that you know your equipment. Believe me, this will help you a lot in your photographic development and learning.


Use the internet a lot. Youtube is an excellent tool for learning photography, but follow a reliable channel. By the way, do you know our channel? No?

Keeping up with photography blogs and pages is also a great way to study without spending money. Our   photography articles can also be an excellent source of information for you.


To save money, buy used books in used bookstores (the good thing is that the basics of photography don’t change) or visit bookstores and read the books right there (most large bookstores allow you to read books without buying, and even have little sofas for that. ).
If you are considering becoming a professional in the field, look for a company or photography studio that is offering an internship or a place to make coffee. It doesn’t have to be a famous company that you admire with all your heart, nor does it need to be an important photographer or photographer. Especially because famous and important people probably don’t have assistant positions like this, giving soup.


If you have the money to take a course, it is certainly more practical than trying to learn everything yourself on your own. Courses are structured and have an important continuity for learning. A lot that can take years to learn on your own, it takes you hours to learn in a course.

Currently the diploma is not mandatory to perform the profession of photographer, but a good course will offer you a base that you will not be able to obtain with free videos on Youtube.
Numerous courses of photography are offered for various technical levels, which enable the formation of the photographer or his specialization in some area, such as authorial photography, lighting, analog photography, fundamentals of artistic photography, objectives, editing software and many others. There is no formal requirement to start photographic studies.
Many people are looking for training through the internet, which increasingly offers a modern and intelligent study methodology. Research shows that, currently, online teaching surpasses face-to-face teaching by up to 3 times. The interesting thing about online teaching are the countless options available, more affordable tuition fees, increasingly sophisticated learning environments, high availability, courses in all locations in Brazil and the world.
Online teaching brings flexibility in studies, with no fixed times and places to study. The student is free to follow the contents at the most convenient time, as he sees fit. Distance courses also have assignment deadlines. Online teaching allows you to work and study more smoothly, the teaching material, including video lessons, is available all the time and can be accessed at any time. Teachers are on hand to answer questions and colleagues are always interacting. And finally, the certificate issued by a distance learning course is worth as much as that of a face-to-face course.
Studying, for many people, is boring and tiring. But O Casal da Foto produces online photography courses in the form of documentary films, making learning light, fun and very efficient.
If you are interested in studying photography and training as a professional photographer, you can study with us,
accessing the O Casal da Foto portal. This is a project that we developed to provide opportunities and facilitate the photographic learning of our students. Currently, we reach all of Brazil, Portugal and other countries that speak the Portuguese language. Casal da Foto is a portal with several very accessible and dynamic photography courses. At various times during the courses, your progress is individually monitored by us, we offer channels to answer your questions, and, in the end, you are entitled to certification.
It is always very important to share the knowledge acquired and seek reinforcement in learning by taking doubts with colleagues. For this reason, O Casal da Foto offers a community on Facebook so you can share your experiences. Furthermore, everyone knows that theory without practice leads nowhere. Therefore, with O Casal da Foto you learn by doing, developing your own photographic oriented projects.
If you want to be part of our exclusive community of students.

Another very cool tip is to participate in groups on Flickr or Facebook in your city, those who do meetings and photographic tours.


The benefit of attending a workshop is that in just a few days, you learn a lot. If the event is of good quality, you can earn almost 100 years of photo-wisdom in just 5 days, for example. We talk here  about the efficient use of your time.

Not only that, but another benefit of participating in a workshop is that we can make new friends.

We can learn a lot about photography when we exchange ideas with photographer friends. We really like to go out and take pictures with other people, because it is a way to connect more deeply with people who share the same passion as you. And the workshops are a great place to meet colleagues with a mentality similar to yours. It’s like throwing a lot of colors into a barrel, and all of that mix offers you new ideas and a new color and hue.

If you want to graduate in photography, you can use the Student Guide website to find the university that suits you best. The site has an excellent search engine for universities and always shows us the degrees in photography available at the moment.
But it is good to remember that photography school serves only two things: 1. having contacts and 2. having a diploma that says you have a background. If you feel like you are on a dead-end street, you may not have enough contacts. If you are earning less in your job because you do not have a diploma, a diploma is important.
It is good to remember, for those who do not know, that photography is not a regulated profession – in some cases it is self-regulated, with independent associations. But you can be a professional without a diploma.
If you still want to go to college, go ahead. Some colleges of photography are appearing around the country, but some other courses also have common knowledge, such as visual arts, design and communication.