8 ways to learn photography

Want to learn how to take better pictures, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you feel like you have some basic photography skills, but don’t know what new technique to follow? If you are learning to use a DSLR for the first time, or if you want to expand your knowledge, here are 10 great ways to learn photography.

1. Take an online course

Curious to try a new style of photography or perhaps learn from a photographer you like? There are countless online courses available on the most diverse topics imaginable. Many also come with videos or content that you can watch and review as much as you like.

The iPhoto Play channel , for example, offers a variety of different courses. The best part is that you can take classes at any time and in the comfort of your own home.

Photo: PxHere

2. Take a course or workshop in real life

Taking an online course is great, but it’s also amazing to see someone showing a technique in person. Look for the photographers you admire and check their websites to see if they have any upcoming events. Many photographers offer their own courses and workshops , or they may be participating in larger events.

Some of the best experiences come from references. Ask your friends about courses and workshops they have taken – they are likely to have some indication for you (or tell you which ones to avoid).

Other places to look are local photo clubs, artistic organizations and museums. And of course, schools – check out universities, colleges and colleges near you. If you do not want to or cannot commit to pursuing a full program or degree, this is not necessarily a problem – many offer short courses.

3. Participate in congresses and festivals

Participating in festivals and congresses such as Semana da Fotografia is a great opportunity to get to know how different professionals work. Lectures with live practices, in which photographers share their knowledge and experiences with the public, are a chance to see up close how professionals work in scenarios that simulate real situations.

This type of event brings together professionals from several different places, with new perspectives on photography, so it is a great opportunity to meet people, evaluate new points of view, create partnerships and make new friends in your area.

Live practice during the Photography Week 2017 congress

4. Listen to a new podcast

It may seem strange to learn about photography in a medium that has no images, but there are some photography podcasts that you should not miss. Some interesting podcasts to follow are the  Papo de Fotógrafo  and  Fotologia Podcast , by the Vanassi brothers. If your English is sharp, it is also worth checking out the podcasts  On Taking Pictures,  This Week in Photo ,  The Candid Frame  and  The Kodakery.

5. Read photo books

The good old books are still great sources of knowledge about photography. For those who are just starting out or even those who are looking to improve their techniques and concepts about their photographic work, it is worth taking a look at iPhoto Editora’s virtual store .

If you can’t invest a lot at the moment, an interesting idea is to look for used bookstores. There are many old books with interesting tips for newcomers that are forgotten on the shelves and can be purchased for very affordable prices.

Cover of the book “Retratos” by Luiz Garrido, published by iPhoto

6. Join an online forum

Not sure what you want to read but want to participate in interesting conversations about photography? It is worthwhile to follow some online forums such as  DigiForum,  Mundo Fotográfico , Fotografia @ net  and  BRFoto. It may also be interesting to take a look at the photography section of Reddit to browse questions from people all over the world. You can certainly end up learning about something that you might not even have thought of looking for before.

7. Join a local photography group

Learning from other photographers is great! Join a local photo club or group of photos. Look for local organizations or ask a friend in the photo for their recommendations. On the website of the Brazilian Confederation of Photography you can find a list of photo clubs from all over the country. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, start your own group – you’re not the only one looking for people to take pictures together.

Photo: PxHere

8. Watch videos on YouTube

YouTube can be fantastic if you have a specific question that you want to answer instantly – especially when it comes to something like Photoshop. It is also a great way to discover tips, tricks and techniques that you may not even have considered looking for.