How to learn photography on the Internet

Until today, I never had the opportunity to take a face-to-face photography course. Much of my insecurity to talk about here and to assert myself as a photographer  comes from there. But come on: at the age of 14 I started to become interested in photography. Since then it is difficult to remember a single day that I have not watched videos, read about, studied, photographed. 5 years have passed since I decided I wanted to learn photography. There have been many free online courses, hundreds of workshops, several PDFs ~ clandestine ~, some books, thousands of posts and videos about photography, about composition, about light, about editing, about everything that can be related to this medium. Not to mention the many rehearsals and events and Facebook groups that super help to exchange experience with other photographers.

I definitely know enough to share a little bit with you – and, of course, exchange experiences and learn from you too. I will never stop studying photography – and I may never think that I know enough, thankfully – and that is why I know that I will always have new things to share around here. I am trying to change all this insecurity, but while it is still here, I will share important information: how I learned everything I know about photography .

How to learn photography on the Internet

• Blogs
The way I used it most in the beginning was blogs – I wasn’t a big fan of YouTube yet and it was the easiest way to find information. You can be sure: There are many amazing blogs teaching about photography out there! Some of my favorites:
–  Luh Testoni (former First on the left)
–  Best Angle
– Lomogracinha
– Get out of my lens

• Sites
After blogs, I don’t even know exactly how, I discovered some sites focused on photography – with a lot of inspiration, tips, tutorials and everything we love to find. They are similar to blogs, but more professional and focused only on photography. My favorites are Canon College and Iphoto.

• YouTube channels
Currently, it is my favorite way to learn, review some concepts, understand how things happen in practice. I think it’s amazing to see how some photographers run tests, how they set up their cameras, how they edit their photos… there’s everything! My favorite channels:
– Double Exposure
– Photographer’s Stuff
– Photo Tips
– Photography Zone
– Letter on Photo

• Online courses and workshops
Many websites offer online photography courses – some paid, some free. I don’t know if it is worthwhile to take a course paid for over the Internet – depending on the price, the face-to-face payment is much more! – but free ones are always a great option for those who can’t pay. A nice tip is to keep an eye on Eduk’s live programming – if you see it live it’s free! The PrimeCursos website also has a really cool course – the first one I did! Just search on google to find several others! It is also worthwhile to follow photographers and blog pages / photography sites on facebook … There is always the opportunity to participate in a free workshop!

• Books, PDFs, Ebooks, Handouts
These are sources that many people think of when learning something, right? I don’t remember any specifics, but entering the blogs and sites that I mentioned for sure you will find many e-books and handouts. Some very cool books are available in PDF on the internet and mainly in facebook groups as well. Do you want to invest in physical books? This blog post Declara indicates some incredible!


It is important to remember that a lot of photography is practical – there is no point in reading an entire library of books on the subject, knowing by heart how the ISO works, speed, aperture, white balance, etc., and never using that knowledge in practice. It is necessary to read, learn, watch videos, turn over the manual of your camera , write down everything you think is important and then take your camera and go and test it. See how it really works. See with your own eyes what happens when you change the aperture or speed, understand what settings work for you in each situation.

I’m here for today, I hope you liked the tips and that they help you who want to learn more about photography! I promise to come back with more technical information, very complete posts, cool tutorials… all in good time. We have to gradually work on this self-demand thing, don’t we? Tell me what you most want to see here, what are your doubts, what are your favorite channels or blogs … I would love to know!