Choosing the Best Camera To Learn Photography

Do you want to learn photography? You are in the right place. In this very complete guide, you will find everything you need for a correct initiation to photography from your home, in a self-taught way, saving you frustration and wasted time for not knowing where to start.

I’m going to show you the way, so you don’t get lost. My advice is that you follow it, although if you want to skip any stage, it is your decision, according to your wishes and needs. My goal is that you can learn photography in the easiest way possible, that your introduction to the photographic world is not a path of thorns and that you end up throwing in the towel, but that any natural frustration becomes motivation and not a disappointment.


  1. Camera to learn photography
  2. The equipment to learn photography
  3. The first step to learning photography: exposure
  4. Learning photography: the creative part
  5. Learn to photograph clearly
  6. Photo formats
  7. Obstacles on the road to learning photography
  8. How to learn photography by doing
  9. Photographic disciplines with which to learn photography
  10. Learn to edit photos
  11. Your photographic projects
  12. Caring for photographic equipment
  13. Learn photography online
  14. Books to learn photography
  15. The biggest mistake when learning photography
  16. Photo inspiration
  17. Other readings that will help you in your photographic learning

Wait a minute! This article will be your travel companion for some time. You won’t pretend to learn photography in an afternoon, right? What I recommend is that you put it at hand, as a favorite, somewhere where you have it easily accessible. And now yes, let’s get started!


The first thing that you are going to ask yourself in your initiation to photography is which camera you need, or which one is the best. Perhaps you have already passed this phase and you have your treasure in your hands, if not, in this section I will shed some light on when choosing a camera to learn photography.

Hey! do not get lost because this point is very important. I know many people who have thrown in the towel for having an excellent camera in their hands but that it was “too big.

However, there are many types of cameras on the market, there is life beyond the SLR world, so the first question I would like you to answer is: « Do I really need a SLR? « . If your answer is no, I suggest you take a look at our recommendations on evil cameras (mirrorless) and this one with the best compact cameras.

If you are making a mess with all this information, here is this tool that will help you in deciding which camera to buy. With it you will discover which camera is made for you.


Once you have decided on the type of camera, it is time to purchase. Shopping is not usually easy. Deciding the place of purchase, by the model, whether new or second-hand, etc., always raises many doubts. Therefore, from the blog we always try to help you with all these indecisions. Here are some articles to help you when shopping for your next camera:

The camera, the first tool in the introduction to photography

As I have told you before, this step is important, especially if you spend a significant amount of money. And it is not because you are not going to hit a camera with which to take good photos, the problem is that you acquire one that makes you throw in the towel because it is too heavy to carry or difficult to handle. Find a companion to suit you.


It is the turn of more technical aspects when it comes to cameras. To some people this all sounds like a hieroglyph, but you know we try to make it easy.

Of course, you can take really impressive or emotional photos without knowing much or nothing about these concepts, however, it is possible that at some point doubts assail you, that you need to clarify some of these concepts or, simply, that you are interested and want to delve into they.

It seems basic to me that you understand that a camera with more megapixels is not going to serve you to take better photos, but to make larger enlargements.

It is also important that you know that the size of the sensor is essential in the performance of a camera. If you are interested in delving into the subject, here I will tell you in detail, types of sensors, sizes, etc. That being said, not all users need the largest sensor.

And about the scopes, do you know that there are optical scopes and electronic scopes?


The equipment is not just the camera. In fact, there is a general obsession with having the best camera when it is just another tool and it will depend largely on your needs.


However, the importance of the objective is often forgotten. It is preferable to invest more in lenses than in the camera, because it is really where you will find the difference when taking photos. It is with the choice of lens that you can expand your creativity to infinity. I leave you a video in which I do an experiment to show you all this:

In this guide, you will find all the information regarding when choosing or buying a lens . All those numbers and acronyms that drive us a little crazy at first, are deciphered in this article (and much more).

Next, I also leave you with some very useful articles to locate you on the subject of objectives. But if you still don’t know what focal length is and how knowing it will help you when it comes to learning photography, you should start here. Now yes, you can continue with these others.

I insist, really, the choice of lens is what will definitely mark a before and after in your photographs. Personally, I can’t get enough of recommending the one I christened the king of objectives and, in case your budget doesn’t allow it, my advice is to get at least the prince . When you discover the power of light optics, you will be trapped forever.


On the other hand, there are countless accessories. Over time, you will discover, depending on the type of photography you like to do, the ones you need. Although if I had to recommend one for your initiation in photography, it would be the tripod, for all the possibilities it offers you, for all the doors that open to you. Of course, you have to be clear that you have come to stay, as it is not the cheapest accessory. If you decide on one, in this guide you will find everything you need to know to buy a tripod.