How digital transformation can reduce costs

All human activities are being sent to the digital world. At least those that are possible.

The world spends part of your day connected.

There are jobs that are done 100% online and remote work has become a new reality for the world.

Shopping? They are made by applications and delivered at the door, contracts are signed by means of an electronic signature and even personal relationships are generated and nurtured online.

Technological advances are visible from all sides and it is up to companies to adapt to the new possibilities.

Just as there are analog products that have remained in history, and are remembered by few people, companies that do not implement technology in their routines may have their days numbered.

Process automation and process digitization are necessary for survival.

We will show you in this content how the digitization of processes can help a big business to reduce costs.

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What is process digitization?

The digitization of processes is the sending of physical documents, or all the informational assets that a company has accumulated over the years, to the clouds. This action, in addition to allowing all authorized people to have access to documents in a quick way from authorized devices, it ensures more dynamism for businesses and allows them to be accessed remotely, from anywhere in the world.

In summary, the digitization of processes seeks to optimize:

  • reduce waste
  • increase profits
  • increase productivity
  • reduce errors and rework

Instead of taking up space with piles and piles of papers with limited information, you can leave everything online in a more organized way

What is the difference between process digitalization and process automation?

It may seem the same thing, but process digitization and process automation are two different actions.

Technology has grown within companies. It is able to improve the entire performance of a business, as teams can include it in their routine to improve productivity, organization and even access, reduce costs and eliminate processes that do not fit with new business strategies.

The process automation is the use of technology to integrate all systems and data of a business, to improve productivity, control of the business, ongoing services, request, projects. The aim is to eliminate all manual activities and replace them with automated activities.

It is important to note that performing many tasks manually takes time and, in the end, can be very expensive. So automation is a practice that is becoming very common in large companies.

The digitization of processes consists of transferring all the information of a business to the clouds, in addition to avoiding the use of paper for any type of activity. Everything must be online. Which means more agility and the main thing, more savings for all sectors of the business and more profit for the company.

How to implement the digitization of processes?

To implement the digitization of processes and start saving on costs, the company needs a solution called Field Service Management, or Field Service System in free translation.

With this software, managers of large, medium and even small companies, can solve all the problems that negatively affect the productivity of a company, in which strategies are the errors, which needs to improve.

You will take all the data that your business has accumulated into a system and can compile all the data that will help you see what needs to be adjusted. Thus, it becomes possible to digitize processes such as:

  • the location of technicians in real time
  • track field service orders for the day
  • organize and send a report to your customers
  • monitor the activities and projects that are being carried out
  • agendas
  • customer reviews

The most interesting thing is that, instead of the business wasting hours organizing the whole operation, in a few clicks they have access to all the data they need and still generate monthly, biweekly or weekly reports on the performance of each technician or project.

Challenges of process digitization


The digitization process of a company will require, above all, a physical space that is capable of transferring all the data of a company, to a digital environment.

To make all the data accumulated in the clouds available, you need to think about different situations such as equipment and servers.


Companies with only a few years of activity may not have problems with this. But those large companies that have been in the market for generations, may encounter some difficulties during the entire process, so they need planning.

Large companies need to separate information by sectors, dates, importance and projects. This task involves not just a group of IT technicians, but all managers and teams.

Is your idea to transport all your business information to digital? Make a plan, bring together the managers of all teams and create a schedule.

First gather the information, organize the company. Eliminate unnecessary data, those that are priorities and leave everything ready for the action step, where the IT team will really take action.


There are many IT professionals on the market and companies, but not all are qualified for a process digitization project.

For companies looking for highly qualified professionals for this type of project without having to increase their staff, they can count on EuNerd, a company that offers outsourced IT service and helps big businesses to reach a new digital level.


The digitization of processes is ideal for large companies that seek to optimize their costs and have greater control over all the data in their business.

Do you need the assistance of professionals specialized in process digitalization and want to create a project for your business? Talk to our nerds.