What is Freelancer and What Are the Steps to Start Your Career

Do you know how the freelancing career works? What is the meaning of this term? Which profiles of people can start a professional career?

In this article, we will answer these questions and show you an overview of the professional market. In addition, you will discover how to get started and succeed on your journey as a freelancer.

What is a freelancer?

“Freelancer” is a term that comes from English and its meaning is “professional”. In other words, a freelancer is someone who does a certain type of work, without having a properly established link with companies. Here in our country, it is common to hear people saying the term in an abbreviated form, that is, “freela”.

Job market – what a freelance career looks like

Today, the freelancers market is widely used in Brazil, first, for tax reasons. The second point is the ease of finding a qualified professional to carry out a punctual job. For example, instead of hiring a company to paint your house, you hire a freelance painter.

Speaking of the digital market, we have countless possibilities. Currently, there is a great demand for professionals who work with:

How to work as a freelancer

When we talk about this market, it is important to note that the idea is that the freelancer is that person for a specific job. That is, do not want to hire someone to be your dedicated freelancer.

Worry about assigning the job and, when it is finished, you end the link there at that moment. Of course, if the person does an excellent job or project, you can call them again or even refer them to other companies and business owners.

What does it take to be a freelancer?

Now that you know what a freelance career is like, you may have sparked interest in offering your services in the market. But, be aware that to be a requisite freelancer, you will need to professionalize. But, after all, what it takes to be a freelancer:

Align expectations with customers

When someone hires you to do a freela, it is very important that you align expectations with your client . After all, what is combined is not expensive. This alignment is important so that you understand everything that the customer expected from your service and that he also knows exactly what will be delivered.

Establish communication channels and schedules

Define the times when you will be available to serve your customers and, also, what will be the means of communication used, for example: e-mail, telephone, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.). This prevents the customer from calling you at any time of the day, compromising your rest and leisure time.

7 Steps to Start Your Career

Whoever works or wants to work doing freelas is faced with some doubts along the way, the most common is: “where can I start and how do I get jobs as a freelancer?”.

Therefore, we also list seven precious steps to start a freelance career. Check out:

1. Create Your Online Portfolio

As soon as you discover what a freelancing career is like and gain interest, it is extremely necessary to create an online portfolio. That way, whoever will hire you can understand what types of work you have already done.

It’s just not worth putting jobs from your agency or the company you work for. Put what you have developed on your own, be it college work or even made to enrich the portfolio.

2. Have a Good Linkedin Profile

A good profile on Linkedin is one that is always up-to-date, that is, with: photo, places you’ve worked, which jobs have already been done, among other information.

Also, as soon as you finish a job, ask the person who hired you to make an assessment so that your resume is always improved.

3. Sign up for freelance sites

Currently, there are many sites for freelance candidates, such as Trampos.co, Workana, Fiverr, among others. So, just register and depending on the site, you can also create a portfolio.

The important thing is to always monitor the vacancies that are available to be one of the first to apply.

4. Write for portals

Another precious step to make the freelance career more interesting is to write for portals.

Another important tip: these articles must be unique and exclusive. In addition, these articles must be thought of who will hire you, since the intention is to directly impact people interested in your services.

5. Have a YouTube channel

Pass on knowledge. For that, how about creating a channel on YouTube ? Teach the potential of your market, show and share the knowledge you have.

Through a YouTube channel, for example, you gain more authority, more people looking at your business and, of course, more recognition and hiring.

6. Open an MEI to issue notes

The MEI (Individual Micro Entrepreneur) is nothing more than a formalization for self-employed workers. That way, all freelancers can register online and when everything is correct, you can issue notes for the work developed. It is worth noting that the MEI also gives labor rights, just as if you worked with a formal contract. Some of the benefits granted are: sickness benefit, maternity leave, unemployment insurance and others.

7. Invest in your personal marketing

Personal marketing is the lifeblood of any business. That is why it is so important to have a profile on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. All with a clear and objective image and communication aimed at your target audience.

Also, get to know and exchange experiences with other people. Show that you are always willing to join the job market. Share your insights and, more often, attend and run workshops and courses. Why not?