SEO Marketing – The most powerful way to do SEO

Have you ever heard of SEO Marketing ? Probably yes, but in the wrong way.

In this article I want to show you the most powerful way to do SEO , so be prepared.

What is it about exactly?

I think there are several definitions of SEO Marketing and I honestly can’t tell you if legendary experts one day came together to decide what the official definition was, but I doubt it. So as usual I will give you my version, clear and simple, without mincing words.

SEO Marketing means:

Generate Profits Thanks to Search Engines!

Many may argue that the purpose has always been that, but I can assure you that this is not the case at all.

The “classic” goal of SEO is usually to climb as high as possible in the search engines for certain keywords, in order to receive regular organic traffic.

In all honesty, traffic and positioning are not data that I am passionate about. If these two parameters do not generate results, they are totally useless in my view.

I have always seen SEO solely and exclusively from a marketing perspective. It is not a criticism of those who see it differently, mind you, it is just my way of operating.

Here again someone could say: “but it is obvious that then we have to generate profits” , ok … but are we sure that it is so obvious? Honestly, I doubt it, in fact I’m almost sure.

How can I be sure?

Analyzing the various projects on the market and evaluating the results obtained from well-positioned sites, I realized how in most cases SEO and Marketing lead separate lives despite sharing the same roof.

Many of these sites totally ignore any SEO Marketing techniques and consequently do not get the desired results or get far fewer than they could.

Some proudly wave their results in terms of positioning and traffic on the various social platforms, unaware of the money they are losing .

Here is a rule you should never forget: Traffic that doesn’t convert is useless.

Believe me when I tell you that thanks to SEO Marketing you can achieve far superior results in economic terms, with traffic volumes that are sometimes irrelevant.

One hundred average monthly visits for many SEOs are not a figure worth taking into consideration, when instead they could prove to be a gold mine (if these 100 users are in target).

Often some keywords are not even shown in the various keyword tools, as they probably generate “negligible” traffic, or they are new terms not yet elaborated, in both cases these keywords could decree the luck of your website.

I’ll tell you more, in the long run too much traffic becomes deleterious , do you know why? It is too heterogeneous and not very identifiable. This makes it difficult to analyze data, brand positioning and target audiences for any marketing campaigns, not to mention when retargeting such a diverse audience.

It is crucial to define a goal for the traffic you get .

The biggest mistake you can make is to define the traffic itself as a goal.

I realized the importance of this factor only when I started managing personal projects, especially e-commerce.

SEO Marketing is the absolute most powerful way to do SEO that you have at your disposal.

Now I want to show you something. This has been the economic growth of a site that I manage in 2018 (developed at the end of 2017).

You can see how he managed to generate over a million euros in a year starting from scratch . All this almost completely thanks to SEO , therefore organic traffic.

This, on the other hand, is the average traffic throughout the year. There is talk of just over 1300 average daily sessions (try to do the division).


Also noteworthy is the conversion rate, which reached peaks of over 11%, an absolutely out of the ordinary figure.

The trick? SEO Marketing!

I don’t like waving numbers and results, I usually avoid, I decided to do it in a completely exceptional way just to give more depth to what I’m telling you, but watch out, my purpose is not to convince you, my intent is simply to sharing valuable information with you, information that has literally changed the way I do SEO . Feel free not to believe me, I’m not going to take it, but if not, I’m sure what you read will be of great help in developing a completely new approach to SEO.

How SEO Marketing works

What exactly is SEO Marketing ?

Trying to be more specific, SEO Marketing means marketing using organic search engine results.

Using this strategy we will literally “hunt” for those so-called “hot” users, that is, ready to convert.

Writing SEO-optimized quality content and waiting for it to position itself, hoping that this will be enough to convert traffic into customers, is pure madness.

Creating valuable content is an essential requirement, putting in place all the various SEO techniques too, but once done, you can’t stop there.

You are probably thinking:

“But once the user lands on my page, I will obviously use a number of marketing techniques within it to convert.”

Overlooking the fact that I have rarely come across pages optimized in this sense, let’s say you have done a commendable job, I would say that you are on the right track, indeed excellent, it is a fundamental requirement to decree the success of your online business, the point is that SEO Marketing takes place first off the page , that’s where the magic happens, after which content and various marketing techniques are just as important, but they come later.

If the right person doesn’t click on your website, everything else is useless.

Let’s get to the point, how is SEO Marketing done?

In another article where I talk about SEO I revealed to you how the biggest secret in this sector (and not only) is to ask the right questions , for this reason I will ask you a series of questions useful for our purpose, you come to the conclusions that deem it more appropriate.

  • Have you defined a goal for your traffic?
  • Have you defined the target of your site?
  • Did you target the pages for the right keywords?
  • Have you optimized the title and description of the pages to attract the right traffic?
  • Are you promoting your brand? Are you doing it right?
  • Have you optimized the copy of your pages?
  • Have you optimized the user experience of your pages in order to increase the conversion rate?

Behind these simple questions lies a world, an infinity of techniques that can be applied in order to optimize traffic and maximize conversions.

If you want to know more, keep reading.

SEO Marketing and Positioning

Does SEO Marketing also help in terms of positioning?

Absolutely yes, SEO Marketing not only serves to enhance and make the optimization work more effective, but also allows you to continue growing on search engines, Google in the first place.

Google loves content that works and tends to show it more in search results, a priori of many other ranking factors. For this reason, if the user is attracted to your page, the rest will come by itself.

The gist is this, even if in reality the speech is much more complex. But let’s move on.

All the advantages of SEO Marketing

As you have probably understood, SEO marketing allows you to channel the right traffic, or what it converts, maximizing profits and thus avoiding wasting time on useless operations.

Here is a list of the main benefits:

  • Improve data analysis
  • Improve the results of already placed pages
  • It allows you to achieve better results than who is positioned in front of you
  • Increase the CTR
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Improve the overall ranking of your site
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Refine your target definition
  • Optimize any marketing campaigns
  • Optimize any advertisement campaigns
  • Optimize any retargeting

“Ok Fabio, but what are the techniques to be applied in practice to obtain results thanks to SEO Marketing?”

Well, the answer to this question is made up of more than 300 pages, so I made an advanced guide called SEO Master, the result of years of study.

In this guide I will show you all the techniques I use personally to have an advantage over competitors.

It took me months to make it and it is invaluable to me. In over 300 pages I will never talk about the classic SEO techniques that you can find everywhere.

SEO Master contains new information  that you will not find elsewhere, which will definitely change your approach to SEO.

The guide is useful to anyone, whether you are a blogger, SEO professional, affiliate marketer, or a proud ecommerce owner .