Shopify Italy – How It Works, Costs and Reviews

In recent years a website development platform ( CMS ) has totally taken over, invading the market and revolutionizing the world of online marketing.

The platform in question is Shopify.

The success of Shopify is mainly due to its immediacy and ease of use, which has given access even to those who are not in the trade, to a completely new world where to create a real online business through your ecommerce .

If you’re not entirely clear on how Shopify works and how to develop an online store, don’t worry, I’ll explain everything to you in a moment.

Shopify – What It Is And How It Works

Shopify is nothing more than a platform for the development of eCommerce , or online stores where you can see any kind of product.

Unlike many other CMSs, this platform offers an extremely simple and intuitive creation and development system, without necessarily putting your hand to code or learning to use extremely complex tools.

Without experience and within a few hours, you could find yourself with a great site ready to use, modern and functional.

In addition to the classic features for website development, Shopify offers an infinite number of Apps perfectly integrated with the platform itself, which will allow you to add additional tools to your site, all in order to facilitate users and increase the sales.

Putting on a respectable site in a few hours is really a breeze, also using Shopify you will already have a pre-set payment system available inside it called Shopify Payments , but you can easily integrate others such as PayPal, Stripe etc …

All these built-in features will save you a lot of time and focus on what really matters.

In other platforms, a thorough knowledge of the tools and various tests are usually needed to verify the affective functioning of the entire structure.

To start creating your ecommerce, just choose to register for free, at which point you will be ready to start.

The platform is really intuitive and in Italian (even if the registration page is in English), however, for newbies I provide a step by step guide at this link .


Landing Page

Another great potential of Shopify is the immediacy with which you can create high-converting Landing Pages, or sales pages where you can place and sell your products.

These sales pages are usually used to be sponsored with advertisements through for example Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

If you already have physical or digital products to sell , you can jump into action right away and start earning. Otherwise you can opt for Dropshipping .

If you don’t know what it is, continue reading.

Shopify e Dropshipping

The great success of Shopify is mainly due to its total and easy integration with dropshipping .

Dropshopping is nothing more than a business model which allows you to indirectly sell physical products, without necessarily having a warehouse nor handling the shipment, a real turning point.

Basically you will be the intermediary between the supplier and the customer .

The user who browses your site will buy the product directly from you, at which point you will buy it from the seller at a lower price, who will ship it directly to your customer.

Your profit is in the difference.

Easier than you think.

To date, there are many online stores that offer dropshipping services, which ship the goods for you without indicating the store of origin or even customizing the packaging so that it is the name of your shop and not the shipping one. Fantastic don’t you think?

The most famous marketplace ever to offer this kind of services is definitely Aliexpress, but there are also many others.

If you don’t know Aliexpress, it is a gigantic marketplace where you can find an infinity of products at really low prices, and then resell them at market cost on your site.

Many of the products you find on Amazon or other stores actually come from the same manufacturing companies, this makes you understand the potential earnings around this business .

In addition to a total optimization of the platform for this business model , various integrations are made available, including Oberlo, which will allow you to automate the entire process described above.

Basically, once the user has ordered the product, the system will automatically proceed to place the order from the seller of your choice, who in turn will ship it to the customer.

All you have to do is promote the website you created as much as possible and bring as much traffic as possible to the sales page.

In the eventuality you will also have to provide assistance to the customer in case they need it. Work that you can then also entrust to one of your collaborators.

To promote your store you will need to generate traffic. The best known traffic sources are the following:

  • SEO (Search Engines) (see also SEO Master )
  • Google Ads (advertising on Google)
  • Facebook Ads (Facebook advertising)
  • Social media
  • Influencer Marketing (paying industry influencers)

If you want to learn more about dropshipping, I highly recommend you take a look at the complete course.

Shopify ed Oberlo

Oberlo is nothing more than a Shopify application which allows you to connect your store directly to AliExpress .

Through Oberlo you can directly search millions of products on Aliexpress, and automatically insert them in your store with a simple click.

When a user purchases a product from you, Oberlo will automatically send the order to Aliexpress, who will ship the product to the customer. Not only that, Oberlo will also take care of sending the parcel tracking code once it has been shipped.

Dropshipping is a business model suitable for everyone. With a little study and after a short market research, I am sure that you will be able to identify a product that is worth selling (yes, even just one product is enough), at that point you will be ready to start.

It might sound complicated, but I can guarantee you it’s much simpler than you think.

However, don’t worry, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial without having to enter any payment details.

During the trial period you will have the opportunity to practice and test all the features and solution you want. At the end of day 14, I am confident that you will be able to start your business without too much trouble.

Guide to success with Shopify

Now I want to summarize you with a simple list of all the steps to follow to successfully start your business on Shopify:

  1. Sign up for Shopify for free
  2. Read the dropshipping guide or access the course
  3. Learn how to use Oberlo
  4. Search for a winning product on Aliexpress and buy it personally to evaluate it
  5. Create a sales page (landing page)
  6. Buy one of the Shopify plans (I recommend the basic)
  7. Promote the page

Prices and Costs

In order to officially start your business on Shopify, after the free period of 14 days, you will need to purchase one of the plans made available.

If you are a freelancer who plans to start a dropshipping business, you can easily opt for the Basic plan for $ 29 per month (about 25 euros), the cheapest.

If, on the other hand, your project is larger and you also have collaborators, then it would be appropriate to opt for the Standard or even the Advanced plan, which offers more “staff accounts”, a multi-language version of the site, and above all commissions on payments. lower.

Reviews and Opinions

I conclude this article with my personal opinion and review on Shopify .

Honestly at the beginning I was skeptical about using this platform, especially as I am an experienced WordPress developer , but after having tested it I must admit that to do dropshipping or create immediate landing pages it is absolutely number one.

The time savings are incredible, everything always works perfectly as it is perfectly integrated into the platform (unlike WordPress) and the App made available really makes the difference, there is something for all tastes, especially to encourage the user to convert, such as timed offers, dynamic offers, sales counters, cross-sells and much